OFFE and EXPONOR will hold the 18th MAQUITEX – International Exhibition of Machines, Technology and Accessories for the Textile, Confection, Clothing and Embroidery Industry, scheduled for November 10-12, 2022 at EXPONOR – Porto International Fair.

In a consensual way, the latest editions of MAQUITEX exceeded all expectations, the result of serious and transparent work that benefited all interested parties, reaching an extraordinary ratio of visitor/exhibitor contacts in one place and in just three days, exhibitors enjoyed the excellent opportunity to contact face to face with a wide variety of clients in an active, dynamic and personalized way, all of whom are clearly interested, who have purposely traveled to MAQUITEX with clear professional interests.

The sector that wants to remain prosperous has a permanent need to equip itself with the most effective tools for technological innovation, in equipment and processes, in order to improve its ability to differentiate in an increasingly global and competitive market. In this sense, it is urgent to hold the 18th MAQUITEX in 2022, proving to be highly strategic for this highly exporting sector, with the presentation of the world’s main suppliers of technology, machinery and equipment for the textile, clothing, clothing and embroidery industry.

Being present, as an exhibitor or visitor, at the 18th MAQUITEX will be a unique opportunity to present or examine the latest technology, machinery and equipment innovations with professionals in the sector, allowing for technical, dynamic and highly specialized presentations.

Participate in the most important fair in the Iberian Peninsula sector and one of the most important in Europe.