All About the Fair

Exponor and Offe are pleased to present the 19th edition of Maquitex – International Exhibition of Machines, Technology and Accessories for the Textile, Apparel, Clothing and Embroidery Industry.

In a consensual way, the latest editions of MAQUITEX exceeded all expectations, the result of serious and transparent work that benefited all interested parties, reaching an extraordinary ratio of visitor/exhibitor contacts in one place and in just three days, exhibitors enjoyed the excellent opportunity to contact face to face with a wide variety of clients in an active, dynamic and personalized way, all of whom are clearly interested, who have purposely traveled to MAQUITEX with clear professional interests.

All the latest in technology, machinery, equipment, accessories and services will be on display and available to all professionals in the sector.

Participate and establish highly professional contacts and knowledge.

Only for professionals. Entry is prohibited for children under 14 years of age.

Schedule: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.


Exponor – Porto International Fair

(Av. Dr. António Macedo ◦ 4450-617 Leça da Palmeira – Portugal)


Offe – Organização Funcional de Feiras e Eventos

Visit us with all the comfort! Use our car park, with a maximum daily cost of €3.80

Sectors on display

Machines, equipment, technology, accessories, raw materials and services for the textile, clothing, clothing, embroidery, printing, fashion and related industries.

visitor profile

Entrepreneurs, managers and directors with competence in terms of the company’s production process, technical staff, directors of production, purchasing, provisioning, sales, quality, engineering, research, designers and consultants.

Entry of Minors

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